About Us



PURABON is an Australian-owned health food company offering naturally delicious snacks packed with pure goodness!

With a focus on vegan, gluten & dairy free and no added sugar, our aim is to stay as close to nature as possible.

Using the best possible ingredients, naturally rich in nutrients, we believe in minimal processing for maximum taste.

We offer you a range of delicious balls, high in nutrition, that taste truly amazing!


Nicole O’Brien – Founder

I’d describe myself as someone who’s always tried to lead a healthy and active lifestyle – I wouldn’t say that it was always top of mind, but I’ve always made sure to keep fit and eat a balanced diet.

After getting married and having children, I thought more and more about the food that I was eating and feeding my family.  We tried to cook more, bought fresh fruit and vegetables and carefully read all the labels.

With the kids starting school and a busy Mum schedule – I struggled to come up with nutritionally balanced snacks on all fronts: lunchbox friendly nudefood snacks for the kids, 3pm office pick-me-ups for Dad and a guilt-free tasty treat for me after gym or at the local café with Mums.

Now dried fruit and nuts have been around for a long time, I decided to start experimenting with different flavour combinations and rolling them into snack size treats for my family.

Well..they loved them!!  Everyone loved them. “You could sell these” they said… and PURABON was born!

I’m proud to say that not much has changed since those early days in the home kitchen (with my trusty companions Thermomix and Kitchenaid)
I’m no longer a team of one, the kitchen is a little bigger and the ingredients now come in 25kg bags!  You can always find me testing a new recipe, making sure our packaging looks just right, or catching up with our customers and fans.

We’ve crafted a delicious range of balls from the finest ingredients and free from all the junk – lovingly made, wrapped, and shipped by the PURABON team.

We hope you love them as much as we do.