Snack like you mean it. We know we do.


Purabon started as a mind state. It started with that little switch that happens in so many peoples’ lives where they realise that suddenly, they care about how they treat their bodies. You start to re-consider breakfast. You re-ritualise packing lunches into something you can feel good about. And snack-time takes on a whole new meaning. Purabon is a busy mum who realised that she could take control of her health—not just hers; her family’s, and anyone that would lend an ear. Or some taste buds.

Purabon is a kind of proof that you so rarely find. Proof that food can taste good and make you feel good. And not in that “those 2000 calories will make for a nice nap” kind of way. In a way that re-energises, re-invigorates, and re-invents your life. One ball packed with delicious, plant-based, nutrient-rich ingredients is all it takes, and all of a sudden that hike doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

It’s food that makes you feel alive, ready to conquer whatever today brings. It’s everything you need … nothing you don’t.

That’s what we stand for at Purabon. Stripping down food for what it is. Energy to go live your life and live it right. The fact that it tastes amazing? Well, that’s just natural for us.