Organic Raw Cacao 

Cacao has been consumed for its invigorating and healthy properties for generations and is one of nature’s richest sources of antioxidants, providing an abundance of magnesium and iron.  Cacao powder is also a concentrated form of healthy dietary fibre.

Organic Coconut

Coconut is an excellent source of good saturated fat.  It also contains a complete range of vitamins and minerals including copper, calcium, iron, manganese and zinc.  Filled with natural antioxidants, as well as nutrients that support mood, coconut is perfect for mind and body!


Since ancient times, wonderfully delicious dates have been conquering sweet cravings the healthy way.  Nutrient, vitamin & mineral rich, dates play a key role in our growth and development.  An excellent source of iron and fibre!


Almonds are protein-rich and are considered among the highest sources of life nutrients essential for our health.  These nuts are an incredible source of minerals such as manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium!


Cranberries have moderate levels of vitamin C, dietary fibre and the essential dietary mineral, manganese (each nutrient having more than 10% of the Daily Value per 100 g serving.


Cashews have a lower fat content than most other nuts, approximately 82% of their fat is unsaturated fatty acids, plus about 66% of this unsaturated fatty acid content are heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.